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Thinking about a new S/S cologne. Cause what good are fancy clothes when you don’t have a scent to match your appearance?

The contenders:

Creed Green Irish Tweed - A fresh fougere, and a recognizable scent since Davidoff cloned it in 1988 and called it Cool Water. Some might not think it’s worth to be 4x the price of CW when it smells almost the same, but I think GIT is way more refined and I love the decant I have of it.

Mugler Cologne - Have emptied numerous decants, which should be enough of an indication that I really enjoy this frag. A soapy and fresh-out-of-the-shower clean smell that works great in warm weather.

Bond no. 9 Hamptons - This smells like an ocean breeze, so exactly right for summer. Too bad Bond juice is so expensive, and it didn’t seem to last that long when I sampled it.

Derring Do - This stuff reminds me of the air after summer rain: a little metalic and filled with ozon, but there’s also citrus-y notes. Not a very mainstream fragrance, which is good cause you don’t want to smell like every other guy wearing Acqua di Gio.

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