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New Jort collection at SuitSupply.

Again a solid selection of basic hues in navy, grey, and beige. Most interesting piece is the merino-mohair mix travel suit, which comes in a really deep navy hue, and with patch pockets on the hips so that it works as a suit but would also look good in a casual way, paired with grey or tan pants.


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The Edge is wearing Armani," she shouts, pointing at the bassist.
“That’s not Armani,” I shout back. “It’s Emporio.”
“No,” she shouts. “Armani.”
“The grays are too muted and so are the taupes and navies. Definite winged lapels, subtle plaids, polka dots and stripes are Armani. Not Emporio, ” I shout, extremely irritated that she doesn’t know this, can’t differentiate, both my hands covering both ears. “There’s a difference.
American Psycho, by Bret Easton Ellis