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bak3r225 asked: What can I wear well with navy blue kakis?


Interesting question. I’m not sure what material the trousers are made of or what climate you live in, so I’ll give both summer/winter recommendations.

In a formal/business setting:
Shirts: solid light blue or white shirts are safe options. White&blue stripes, or a small gingham check is also fine.
Jackets: light grey or beige jackets work well in summer. Suitsupply has a light grey cotton jacket in their S/S collection (in the Havana cut) that is a good choice.
For winter I’d go for tweeds in varying shades of brown or grey.
Shoes: dark brown in calf, cordovan or suede. Some longwings or chukka boots in winter, penny loafers in summer.

If you want to stay on the casual side of things, basically pair them with the same things as you would wear dark denim with. Blue/white OCBD or pop-over, grey knit, suede loafers or simple white sneakers (think common projects).
I have posted some fits with navy incotex and suitsupply pants recently, you can search for the WAYW tag on my blog page to see the fits.

Hope it helps!

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Suitsupply is known not to shy away from selling their suits using a healthy dose of female form, I remember a F/W campaign in 2010 causing quite a stir.

This S/S 14 campaign is a bit less explicit, but it definitely sends a message.

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