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Trying out a different type of OCBD.

I’m happy with my Rugger and Kamakura ones, but sometimes change is good. This one from RRL came in yesterday. Fit is slightly roomier than the other 2 brands mentioned, but nothing the alterations guy can’t fix.

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WAYW 23/6

Summer just starting but my holiday is over. Keeping the sunny vibe with a cotton Caruso and suede C&J loafers.

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hvl asked: Who makes your popover shirt in the "WAYW - Firenze" post?

It’s from Luxire, in blue university stripe oxford fabric (by Brembana).
My second pop-over from them, since not many stores carry them RTW it’s a good option to get one custom made. Be sure to add an extra inch to the waist if you have an athletic build, otherwise it might be difficult to pull it over your chest.